Team Golden Triangle SpiritWear Sale

The online spirit wear store will be available through November 11th. We will process ALL orders together and will be available for pickup in approximately 3-4 weeks (Mid December). 


We follow the Ready, Set, Go method below:

READY: Webstore is active and available to view products and make purchases until November 11th

SET: Sit back and relax as we process all the orders together!  

GO: We will notify you by text message that your order is ready for pickup!  We would appreciate that you wait for the pickup notification or until the specified time that the group's orders should be completed by (Mid December), before reaching out to us for order updates. 

The web-store can be found here!

**please note that the web-store requires a "ship address", this is for billing purposes only.  All items will be available for pickup**

Return Policy:  All sales are final and no returns or exchanges will be processed.  Sizing charts are included in the webstore